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South Dakota deserves true leadership from its only U.S. House Representative. Dusty Johnson is that leader. He has served the citizens of South Dakota over the past decade by holding various positions in state government. Policies he helped implement made South Dakota one of the best fiscally run states in the U.S. This experience has also helped Dusty Johnson understand the complex issues facing our nation and he’s ready to fight for South Dakota and its citizen in Washington. Dusty’s Dozen: 12 Ways to Improve America are Dusty’s ideas and initiatives that he believes are critical to get Washington working again.

There are 435 members of the U.S. House, and South Dakota only has one.  South Dakotans need a congressman who they can trust to represent their values in Washington DC.


Our Constitution is a pillar of American exceptionalism. It guarantees our people freedom of speech, freedom to practice a chosen faith, and the right to keep and bear arms.  These guarantees, and others in the Constitution, make up the fabric of who we are as Americans.  I will fight every day to ensure that our Constitutional rights are preserved.


Our Constitution also gave us the blueprint for successful governance – a limited national government and strong, responsive state governments.  Most of the problems with our bloated, unaccountable federal government come from abandoning this blueprint by taking power from the people and the states and giving it to the national government.  I’ll work every day to return the power to our communities and our people.


In South Dakota, we believe in low taxes and balanced budgets – and I will carry that belief with me to Congress.  The Tax Cut and Jobs Act will help the middle class and, as we’ve seen, will provide a boost to our economy.  It is also projected to increase our debt.  It will be incumbent upon us to take the ballooning national debt seriously and right-size our government before it is too late.


The federal government has gotten too big, too complicated, and too intrusive.  The federal government needs to get out of our daily lives and out of the way of business.  I’ll work to rein in out-of-control bureaucracies that rule by regulation, and return the power to make laws to our states, communities, and people.


I believe in the sanctity of life.  I’ve supported pro-life candidates and pro-life causes for decades.  I’m a member of SD Right to life.  Taxpayer dollars should never fund abortion.  I’ll fight for Life if elected to Congress.


I believe the right to keep and bear arms.  The Founders placed this right in the Constitution.  It is not simply another law that we can change on a whim.  It is a right held by our people that needs to be defended.  I own guns.  I use guns.  I’m a member of the NRA.  I support greater reciprocity for concealed carry.  I’ll remain a strong proponent of the Second Amendment.


Agriculture is South Dakota’s number-one industry and it underpins the culture of our state.  We live in a state where we trust our neighbors and look out for each other – and in the eyes of the east and west coasts, even our largest cities are small towns.  I’ll work hard on behalf of our farmers and ranchers and our way of life.

Maintaining strong agriculture in our country is a matter of national security.  Our farmers and ranchers are the very best, most productive in the world.  We need to keep it that way.  I’ll keep a close eye on the forthcoming 2018 Farm Bill and will be an advocate for productive, strong agriculture in South Dakota and across the country.


We owe our way of life to the brave men and women who wear the uniform, and I will be a strong advocate for our troops.  I will also support a foreign policy that is based on our national interests and the principle of "peace through strength" and support for our longtime allies - so that if our troops are put in harm's way, it is only as a last resort and in the service of our national interests.


I will also be an advocate for our veterans and ensure that our nation keeps the promises we made to these heroes.


We are a nation of laws. Any discussion of immigration should start with border security. Illegal immigration imposes serious costs on our nation, and we need to use a strong combination of walls, professional law-enforcement, and technology (like E-Verify) to combat this problem. When done properly, legal immigration can be a tremendous benefit to our country. I like much of what the President has proposed with regard to chain migration and moving toward a merit-based immigration system.

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